Top Activist Hedge Funds continue to tumble; Assets fall -3.4%

April 2nd, 2016
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The Top Activist Hedge Fund Manager rankings have been released, revealing that the top funds now manage $181.4 billion in equity assets. The top three spots are once again held by Carl Icahn’s Icahn Associates, Jeffrey Ubben’s ValueAct Capital Management and Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management.

Overall, the Top Activist Hedge Funds underperformed, as their assets fell by -3.4% quarter-over-quarter.

Losses would have been worse, if not for an elite group of 17 hedge funds, which all saw their assets increase by more the $100 million each. Among the more notable gainers are industry stalwarts Icahn Associates and The Children's Investment Fund, as well as Sachem Head Capital Management, which was founded by Bill Ackman’s prodigy Scott Ferguson. Since its launch in 2013, Sachem Head Capital’s activist war chest has been primarily aimed at the the healthcare and biotech sectors.

Hedge Tracker releases its Top Activist Hedge Fund rankings on a quarterly basis. To view the list in its entirety, please visit the Hedge Fund List portal.
For Detailed Investor Profiles on these Investors, click below:
Icahn Associates (Carl Icahn)
Pershing Square Capital Management
Sachem Head Capital Management
The Children's Investment Fund Mgmt
ValueAct Capital Management
Related People: Alexander J. Denner; Brett Icahn; Carl Icahn; Chris Hohn; Jeffrey W. Ubben; Keith A. Meister*; Nicholas Botta; Roy J. Katzovicz; Scott Ferguson; Scott Ferguson*; William 'Bill' Ackman
Related Entities: Sachem Head Capital; Sachem Head GP LLC; Sachem Head Master; Blum Capital Partners*; Children's Investment Master Fund; Childrens Investment Fund LP; Childrens Investment Fund Management (UK) LLP; High River Limited Partnership; Icahn Partners; Icahn & Co Inc; Icahn Associates; Icahn Enterprises (formerly American Real Estate Partners); Icahn Fund Ltd; Icahn Partners LP; Leucadia Corporation (NYSE: LUK); Pershing Square Capital; Pershing Square IV; Pershing Square LP; Sachem Head LP; TCI; The Children's Investment Fund; The Children's Investment Fund Foundation; ValueAct AllCap International LP; ValueAct Capital International; ValueAct Capital LLC; ValueAct Holdings GP LLC
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