The growing problem with Performance Fees

Dec 29th, 2014
Hedge funds’ performance fees are a key component of every fund’s Net Asset Valuation calculation. Since the economic crisis of 2008, hedge fund performance...

The Global Economy in 2014 – 5 Key Trends

Jan 15th, 2014
Every year Global Perspectives publishes its annual white papers covering the 5 keys trends we see impacting the global economy in the year ahead.

AIFMD for Americans: What US & Non-EU Managers need to do to Comply

Sep 26th, 2013
AIFMD can be confusing for those of us in Europe so it is not surprising that the regulation has caused plenty of head scratching across the Atlantic.

AIFMD – What you should be doing to comply (Part II)

Jul 1st, 2013
This is the second of our two part white paper covering AIFMD and what fund managers should be doing to comply.

AIFMD – What you should be doing to comply

May 4th, 2013
The AIFMD regulation comes into force in the 27 countries of the European Union in July 2013. The main tenets of this wide ranging legislation are now...

Hedge funds - end of the Gilded Age?

Mar 29th, 2013
"America’s top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the CEOs of the S&P 500 combined.” - The Economist, October 2012


The Global Economy in 2013 - 5 key economic trends

Jan 21st, 2013
2013 is set to be a pivotal year for the world economy. Seismic changes are taking place across the globe, transforming major economies as they try to...

Hedge Fund & Asset Management Trends: The move to Managed Account Platforms

Dec 27th, 2012
A growing trend in the Hedge Fund & Asset Management industry over the last few years has been the rise of Managed Account Platforms as a new investment...

Asset management & the future Global Pension Crisis

Dec 12th, 2012
In 2009 the small Alabama city of Prichard, outside Mobile became the first city in America to stop paying pensions to its retired workers.

Hedge Funds & the Global Economic Crisis - Willing Culprits or Easy Scapegoats?

Oct 2nd, 2012
The summer of 2012 marked 5 years since the slow onset of an economic crisis that first became known as the Credit Crunch and then the half decade that...

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