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Optcapital awarded the Rising Star award at GAIM USA 2011

Feb 27th, 2011Contributed by: Rick Ehrhart, JD, Optcapital
Optcapital, LLC was awarded the Rising Star Award at GAIM USA 2011. GAIM USA 2011, one of the alternative investment industry’s preeminent conferences,...

Poison Pills: My, How They Have Grown

Feb 24th, 2011Contributed by: Michael R. Levin, The Activist Investor
Previously I discussed the different share ownership levels that trigger various disclosure and regulatory obligations, such as when investors need to...

Saint Joe and the Dragon (Fairholme’s Bruce Berkowitz)

Feb 16th, 2011Contributed by: Michael R. Levin, The Activist Investor
Nothing like a lusty, complicated, passionate fight for the soul of a company to pique our interest, right? Spring tends to bring this sort of thing,...

Herding behavior: Why, so what and what if?

Feb 4th, 2011Contributed by: Aswath Damodaran
A recent news story from the Wall Street Journal on hedge funds and their herding behavior provides a good starting point for this discussion. In summary,...

Oil Price Could Doom Obama

Feb 1st, 2011Contributed by:
Like death and taxes, the price of oil is always with us. And like taxes, it may be President Barack Obama's worst nightmare at election time next year.

Watch out for the Black Swans

Jan 27th, 2011Contributed by: The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
It is not my intention to ruin your day. But I may well do that if you read this piece. While traders pile on their longs with reckless abandon, and retail...

Time to Ring the Cash Register on Big Technology

Jan 23rd, 2011Contributed by: The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
Given the worsening technical picture for the market in general, and technology stocks specifically, I am selling my Cisco Systems (CSCO) March, 2011...

How much cash is too much? Looking at Apple

Jan 19th, 2011Contributed by: Aswath Damodaran
In the midst of lots of news about Apple - Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence and a 78% surge in profits reported today - I saw this

The “Friday-Monday Effect” Exposed

Jan 8th, 2011Contributed by: The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
Dennis Gartman of the ever interesting The Gartman Letter published an eye opening analysis on the “Monday-Friday” effect. If you bought every Friday...

The Big Hedge Fund Killing in For Profit Education

Dec 29th, 2010Contributed by: The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
Hedge funds have made huge profits this year by shorting the for-profit educational sector.

The industry was ripe for the taking. For...

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