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The Black Swan’s Nassim Taleb and the Nobel Committee

Oct 20th, 2010Contributed by: Aswath Damodaran
I just read this article, where Nassim Taleb, who seems to have taken on the mantle of the "anti-theorist" in finance, argues that the Nobel committee...

Swiss Finish Sets New Standard for Global Bank Regulation

Oct 14th, 2010Contributed by: The Global Intelligence Report
INCIDENT: The traditional Swiss finishing school taught young women etiquette and social graces, but international bank regulators are talking about something...

"Effective Activism, on the Cheap" Identifies Undervalued Companies with Significant Upside Potential

Oct 11th, 2010Contributed by: Michael R. Levin, The Activist Investor
The Activist Investor (TAI), specializing in advising investors in using shareholder activism for turnaround of underperforming companies, this week released...

Proposed EU Short Selling Disclosure Regulations Bad for Large Hedge Funds and the Market

Oct 8th, 2010Contributed by: Simon Kerr
Proposed short selling disclosure regulations announced in the week before last by the European Commission (EC) are too stringent and threaten market...

Shareholder Activist Update: Sandler Capital and MMI Investors up stakes in technology companies

Oct 8th, 2010Contributed by: Hedge Fund Solutions LLC
Last week activist shareholder MMI Investors (Millbrook Capital) sent a letter to EMS Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ELMG) disclosing their recent increase...

Hedge Fund New Stream has massive Layoffs after Pot Farm Bust

Oct 7th, 2010Contributed by: Teri Buhl
New Stream Capital has been forced to layoff most of their staff after mega fund of fund Gottex took receivership of some of their assets and is forcing...

The Very Long View on China

Oct 5th, 2010Contributed by: The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
I have long sat beside the table of Mckinsey & Co., the best management consulting company in Asia, hoping to catch some crumbs of wisdom. So, I jumped...

In Defense of Proxy Advisors

Sep 30th, 2010Contributed by: Michael R. Levin, The Activist Investor
Barnes & Noble suffered a setback...when a powerful advisory firm backed a slate of directors proposed by the billionaire investor Ron...

A Corporate Governance Risk Manual

Sep 30th, 2010Contributed by: Aswath Damodaran
About a year ago, I agreed to do a series of seminars for the IFC, an arm of the World Bank that invests in privately owned businesses, primarily in emerging...

Shareholder Activist Ramius Capital finalizes agreement with Aviat, pressures SeaChange

Sep 22nd, 2010Contributed by: Hedge Fund Solutions LLC
Last week activist orientated hedge fund manager Ramius Capital Group entered into a settlement with Aviat Networks Inc. (NYSE: AVNW) regarding the company’s...

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