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Feds Charge SpongeTech CEO with Obstruction of Justice in Pump and Dump Stock Investigation

May 6th, 2010Contributed by: Teri Buhl
Looks like our local penny stock scammer is in a world of trouble because it’s not just the SEC who’s charged him for securities fraud today but he’s...

Asian Development Bank launches $9 Billion Plan for Solar Energy in Asia

May 6th, 2010Contributed by:
The Asian Development Bank launched a $9 billion solar power initiative to develop projects generating 3,000 megawatts by 2012.

The announcement,...

What’s a “broker non-vote”, anyway?

May 3rd, 2010Contributed by: Michael R. Levin, The Activist Investor
We’ve heard a bunch about this subject, especially in this season of annual meetings. What’s the big deal? Here’s the deal: the SEC, through its...

Fund of Hedge Fund Dis-intermediation

May 2nd, 2010Contributed by: Simon Kerr
Following up on the prospects for funds of hedge funds, which I have covered earlier in the month, I neglected to mention dis-intermediation by investing...

Amid Push For Renewable Energy, Saudi Arabia Cautiously Turns Over Green Leaf

Apr 27th, 2010Contributed by:
The promise of green energy has intrigued the Middle East, where concern about future reserves runs deep, but Saudi Arabia's recent plan for a multibillion-dollar...

Returns from Special Situations to Become Special Again?

Apr 26th, 2010Contributed by: Simon Kerr
A few months ago I was a guest on the hedge fund radio show "The Naked Short Club" on Resonance FM. A question for the panel was "which hedge fund strategies...

Why Contrarianism Works

Apr 26th, 2010Contributed by: James Berman, JBGlobal
In just over a year, the Dow has recovered to 11,204, from 6,547. The biggest rally of our lifetimes has lifted markets over 70%. Paradoxically, now's...

Industry veteran Nancy L. Kazdan joins Bull and Bear Capital, LLC as a Senior Strategic Advisor

Apr 23rd, 2010Contributed by: Justin Perun, Bull and Bear Capital LLC
Bull and Bear Capital LLC, a leading marketing and asset raising innovator announced that widely-recognized industry professional Nancy L. Kazdan of Market...

Hedge Connection and PrecisionIR join Forces to launch Global Hedge Fund Forum 2010

Apr 22nd, 2010Contributed by: Hedge Connection
Hedge Connection Inc. and PrecisionIR Group today announced the launch of the inaugural Global Hedge Fund Forum, a live, online event that will take place...

Corporate Governance: Obama Administration vs. Business Groups

Apr 18th, 2010Contributed by: CRD Analytics
One day after an Obama administration official stood behind the corporate governance changes included in the Senate financial regulation bill a dozen...

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