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Palo Alto Investors taking a Shareholder Activist approach against Gastar

Dec 17th, 2009Contributed by: Hedge Fund Solutions LLC
Last week, Palo Alto Investors revealed that they had discussions with Gastar Exploration Ltd. (GST) regarding the potential for several proactive measures...

Is it acceptable for hedge funds to halt redemptions?

Dec 16th, 2009Contributed by: Claude Bovet, SFCS Capital
I would like to revisit one of the most contentious decisions some fund managers made in 2008: halting or gating redemptions. The 2008 crisis was substantially...

Hedge Fund Pitches and Presentation Best Practices

Dec 15th, 2009Contributed by: Quoin Partners
Marketing really has two primary components – building a brand identity and presenting that identity to the world in order to solicit interest in whatever...

CalPERS Lobbies Congress to Back Wall Street Reform

Dec 15th, 2009Contributed by: Emerging Manager Focus
The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is seeking congressional support for legislation to plug regulatory gaps and prevent corporate...

Twin Red Asset Management discusses Investment Strategy and Tactics

Dec 11th, 2009Contributed by: Emerging Manager Focus
Founded in 2008, Twin Red Asset Management is a boutique asset management firm with a focus on discretionary short term equity trading with low net exposure....

Changing Role of the Fund Administrator as Hedge Funds Face New Regulations

Dec 9th, 2009Contributed by: Crederian Fund Services
We are very mindful of the classic line in the film Wizard of Oz spoken by Dorothy: “Toto, I’ve a feeling that we’re not in Kansas anymore.”...

SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci discusses Seed Capital for Hedge Funds

Dec 7th, 2009Contributed by: Hedge Connection
When launching a hedge fund, managers face an implicit conundrum – how do you raise money without a track record and how do you develop a track record...

Saturday Spotlight: 10 tips for creating a perfect Hedge Fund Pitch

Dec 5th, 2009Contributed by: Lawrie Chandler, Alternative Decisions
In this week’s Saturday Spotlight, Alternative Decisions has provided some best practices on how to present and sell your hedge fund effectively....

Bolton Preparing to Cap Fidelity China Fund Assets amidst Rapid Inflow

Dec 4th, 2009Contributed by: Emerging Manager Focus
Anthony Bolton says he would consider placing a cap on his forthcoming Fidelity China fund if inflows exceed expectations. Speaking to Fund Strategy...

Facebook's Dual Class Shares: Another Reason to Avoid This Company

Dec 3rd, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Facebook announced last week before the Thanksgiving holiday that it has created a dual-class share structure. If you are an existing shareholder, your...

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