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Building a Hedge Fund's Brand Identity – Website Best Practices

Dec 3rd, 2009Contributed by: Quoin Partners
In my article last week, “Solidfying a Hedge Fund Brand – What Not to Do,” I am sure that I embarrassed some of our valued readers with my list...

John Paulson Smiling about Bank of America

Dec 3rd, 2009Contributed by: Teri Buhl
Hedge fund guru John Paulson’s 160 million share bet on Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) is looking pretty good following the bank’s earlier than expected...

Shareholder Activist Update: Mario Cibelli’s Marathon Partners vs. Dover

Dec 2nd, 2009Contributed by: Hedge Fund Solutions LLC
The Trustee for the RMT Trust, an entity which controls Dover Motorsports (NYSE: DVD) through ownership of supermajority voting class A shares, told Mario...

Hedge Funds and the Case for Custom Software Development

Dec 1st, 2009Contributed by: Natalie Kaminski, FinCode Solutions
Long gone are days when hedge funds could rely solely on custom software development for their process automation and productivity enhancement needs....

Mambo 5: Problems with Modern Portfolio Theory and other famous investment theories

Dec 1st, 2009Contributed by: Claude Bovet, SFCS Capital
Everyone knows the mambo, but I am guessing few know that mambo means “a conversation with the Gods”. I thought this would be a fitting title for...

Black Swan: All things Nassim Taleb

Nov 27th, 2009Contributed by: Claude Bovet, SFCS Capital
Nassim Nicholas Taleb is nothing if not outspoken. And we should consider ourselves fortunate for his quirky demeanor because his views are very much...

John Paulson's Future Performance: No Guarantees

Nov 26th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
There were two reactions I got to my column last week on Greg Zuckerman's new book The Greatest Trade Ever about John Paulson's $20 billion bearish...

Solidifying a Hedge Fund Brand – What Not to Do

Nov 24th, 2009Contributed by: Quoin Partners
In our article last week we discussed the philosophical components of hedge fund brand identity, specifically, the introspection process that is required...

Red Robin Must Start Marketing Aggressively Again

Nov 24th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
One of the more surprising sectors of 2009 has been casual dining restaurants. At the start of the year amid concerns of consumer deleveraging, some analysts...

Advice for Successfully Marketing UCITS III Hedge Funds

Nov 20th, 2009Contributed by: Lawrie Chandler, Alternative Decisions
UCITS III may sound like another impenetrable and needless directive from Brussels, however, it has given a new lease of life to fund managers following...

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