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Leaping off of the Hedge Fund slush pile: How to get noticed during Capital Intros

Sep 30th, 2009Contributed by: Sims Wyeth, Sims Wyeth & Co
How to get noticed at capital intros, meet-the-manager forums, and other close encounters with potential investors --- With increased competition...

Another Investor Scam? David Lucas sued by Bonita Bay Members

Sep 30th, 2009Contributed by: Teri Buhl
Teri Buhl released an exclusive report entitled “Bonita Bay Brawl: Are Club Members “Victims” Of Developer Lucas and KeyBank?” The report details...

Yahoo Board Director Maggie Wilderotter Makes for the Door

Sep 29th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Maggie Wilderotter -- the most recent addition to Yahoo!'s (YHOO) board, joining in July 2007 (not including Carl Icahn and his band of merry men who...

Shareholders Must Put an End to Decoupled Pay-for-Performance

Sep 28th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve criticized Yahoo!’s (YHOO) Carol Bartz and HP’s (HPQ) Mark Hurd for excessive pay and perks, given their companies’...

7 Questions with Man Investments' John Rowsell

Sep 28th, 2009Contributed by: Hedge Connection
This summer, Man Investments, one of the world’s largest alpha hunters announced a strategic reorganization of its hedge fund investment business. Long...

Hedge Funds and the adoption of Cloud Computing Systems

Sep 25th, 2009Contributed by: Natalie Kaminski, FinCode Solutions
As many newly launched hedge funds establish their infrastructures, they are increasingly considering cloud computing as an opportunity to gain fast access...

HP's Executive Comp Is Troubling in a Year of Worker Pay Cuts

Sep 25th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Mark Hurd was brought in to take the helm at Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) in 2005. He's well regarded by Wall Street for turning the company from a bureaucratic...

Microsoft's Distasteful Plans to Save Us from the Housing Crisis

Sep 22nd, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Kudos to Michelle Leder at Footnoted for spotting another distasteful perk paid for by hapless shareholders. This one was at Microsoft (MSFT) -- which...

Yahoo CEO Bartz Has a Lot of Explaining to Do

Sep 18th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Yahoo! (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz didn't get the "boatloads of cash" for her shareholders from Microsoft (MSFT) as she vowed in May, but she'll take home...

Wells Fargo’s Commercial Portfolio set to Explode?

Sep 17th, 2009Contributed by: Teri Buhl
This morning, Teri Buhl released an exclusive report entitled “Wells Fargo’s Commercial Portfolio is a ticking time bomb.” The report details how...

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