Recent Contributor News Launches with Search for America's Worst Investor

Sep 16th, 2009Contributed by: Mike Kane, Hedgeable
One Year After Lehman Brothers' Collapse, New Service Launches to help Retail Investors Hedge Portfolios, Deal with Market Uncertainty --- A new online...

Microsoft, Execs Join Yahoo in Noticeable Share Dumps

Sep 15th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
In recently criticizing Yahoo!'s (YHOO) insiders for dumping $233mm in stock over the last 2 years, when they've only bought $103k in shares, I would...

CEOs, Boards and Management: Welcome to Club Crony

Sep 15th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
In response to my recent criticisms of Carol Bartz, her management team, and board at Yahoo! (YHOO), I've had some people ask me "How can you be against...

Why Did Yahoo's Carol Bartz Use Shareholders' Money to Pay Taxes?

Sep 14th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Bobbie Johnson of the Guardian wrote a...

Five Conclusions on What Carol Bartz Had to Say About Selling Shares

Sep 11th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo! (YHOO), appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box Thursday morning talking about their search deal with Microsoft, that she would've taken...

Yahoo Insiders Should Be Shown the Door Out

Sep 10th, 2009Contributed by: Eric Jackson, Ironfire Capital
Does a leopard change its spots? Not at Yahoo! (YHOO); every director and officer there seems to have a congenital affliction that is forcing them to...

The Deficit Rally

Sep 10th, 2009Contributed by: Mike Kane, Hedgeable
We are in the midst of a dollar-caused rally in the market. This may be strange, considering the dollar is down about 10% against a basket of the top...

Hedge Fund Solutions, LLC Launches Catalyst Investment Research on Activist Investments

Sep 10th, 2009Contributed by: Hedge Fund Solutions LLC
Research Uncovers Fundamentally Solid Companies With A Value Investment Catalyst Driven By Activist Investors -- (Press Release) --

David Ganek's Level Global Investors not just Surviving, but Thriving

Sep 9th, 2009Contributed by: Teri Buhl
The news this morning that Randy White, a senior professional from Level Global Investors, had left the firm had the rumor mills swirling. Fortunately,...

Hedge Funds and Microsoft Excel: Examining the Risks and Efficiency Drawbacks

Sep 8th, 2009Contributed by: Natalie Kaminski, FinCode Solutions
Microsoft Excel is by far the most common application used in a financial environment. There are funds that run their entire operation using Excel spreadsheets;...

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