Custom Ownership Analyses and Presentation-Ready Reports

HedgeTracker offers a full suite of tailored buyside research reports and analytics. Using public filings and our proprietary qualitative and quantitative databases, we provide customized investor analyses, presentations and buyside intelligence. Our premium offerings include in-depth research on over 3,000 hedge funds, pension funds and institutional money managers.

All custom reports are built according to your specifications on a pre-agreed turnaround basis. HedgeTracker consultants are always available to respond to immediate or non-standard requests.

Investment Managers, Investment Banks, Investor Relations Professionals, and Broker/Dealers

HedgeTracker, in conjunction with CRD Capital, partners with clients seeking to leverage our internal expertise with outsourced competencies. CRD's experience in investor sourcing, customization and delivery has proven its ability to unburden capital markets teams, compress time frames and create measurable competitive advantage. We function as a seamless, transparent resource to augment and extend the reach of capital markets desks in order to create compelling value and drive deal success.

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