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Name Style
Abax Global CapitalMulti-Strategy
Adage Capital PartnersGrowth
Algebris InvestmentsFinancials Focused
Alithion Capital ManagementLong/Short Equity
Alkeon Capital ManagementGrowth
Alloy CapitalLong/Short Global Equity
AlphaSimplex GroupQuantitative
Althea CapitalEmerging Markets
Alydar CapitalLong/Short
Alyeska Investment GroupMulti-Strategy
AM Investment Partners LLCArbitrage
Amaranth Advisors*Multi-Strategy
Ancora CapitalValue
Anderson Global Macro LLCGlobal Macro
Andor Capital ManagementTechnology Focused
Angelo, Gordon & Co.Multi-Strategy
Apex CapitalValue
APG Asset Management USMulti-Strategy
Apollo Capital ManagementDistressed
Appaloosa ManagementDistressed
Apson Capital Management*Long/Short Global Equity
AQR Capital Management LLCValue
Arcadia Capital Advisors LLCValue
Archeroak Capital Management LPLong/Short Equity
Archview InvestmentDistressed Debt
Areion Asset Management CoEvent-Driven
Argonaut Capital ManagementGlobal Macro
Armajaro Asset ManagementCommodities Focused
Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder AdvisersValue
Ascend CapitalLong/Short Equity
Astenbeck Capital ManagementCommodities Focused
Atlantic Investment ManagementValue
Atticus CapitalValue
Auriel Capital ManagementGlobal Macro
Autonomy Capital ResearchGlobal Macro
Avalon Global Asset ManagementHedge
Avantium Investment ManagementGlobal Macro
Avenue Capital GroupDistressed Debt
Aviva InvestorsValue
Axonic CapitalLong/Short Credit
Azentus CapitalMulti-Strategy
Baldwin Brothers IncGrowth
Balestra CapitalGlobal Macro
Balyasny Asset ManagementMulti-Strategy
Baobab Asset ManagementCommodities Focused
Barclays CapitalMulti-Strategy
Barington Capital GroupDeep Value
Barnegat Fund ManagementLong/Short Credit
Bay Harbour ManagementDistressed Debt
Beacon Light CapitalValue
Belay PartnersLong/Short Equity
Benros Capital Partners*Event-Driven
Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett)Value
Billings Capital ManagementLong/Short Equity
Biotechnology Value Fund PartnersBiotech Focused
Black's Link Capital LtdEvent-Driven
Blue Marble Capital Partners LimitedHedge
Blue Rice Investment ManagementFixed Income
Blue Ridge CapitalLong/Short Equity
BlueBay Asset ManagementFixed Income
BlueCrest Capital ManagementHedge
BlueGold CapitalEnergy Focused
BlueMountain Capital ManagementLong/Short Credit
BlueQuant Capital ManagementArbitrage
Blum Capital PartnersDeep Value
Bowery Investment Management, LLCDistressed
BP Capital ManagementEnergy Focused
Branch Hill CapitalDeep Value
Brandes Investment PartnersValue
Brave Warrior AdvisorsValue
Breeden Capital ManagementDeep Value
Brennan Investment PartnersWater Focused
Brennus Asset ManagementConvertible Arbitrage
Brevan Howard Asset ManagementGlobal Macro
Bridgewater Associates LPMulti-Strategy
Bronson Point PartnersLong/Short Equity
Brookside CapitalGARP
Buckingham Capital ManagementHedge
Bulldog InvestorsLong/Short Equity
Burren Capital AdvisorsEvent-Driven
C12 Capital ManagementDistressed Debt
Cadian Capital ManagementTMT Focused
Candlewood Investment Group, LPDistressed Debt
Cantillon Capital ManagementGARP
Canyon Capital Advisors Multi-Strategy
Capula Investment ManagementFixed Income
Cardwell Investment TechnologiesQuantitative
Carlson CapitalArbitrage
Castle Hill Asset ManagementFixed Income
CastleRock ManagementLong/Short Equity
Cavalry Asset ManagementTechnology Focused
Cavenagh CapitalMacro
Caxton AssociatesMulti-Strategy
Centaurus Advisors, LLCEnergy Focused
Centaurus CapitalDeep Value
Cevian CapitalValue
Chapman CapitalDeep Value
Chesapeake Partners ManagementEvent-Driven
Cheyne CapitalHedge
Chieftain Capital ManagementValue
Chilton Investment CompanyGrowth
Cibelli Capital ManagementValue
Citadel Investment GroupHedge
Clarium Capital ManagementGlobal Macro
Clean Energy Asset Management LLCClean Tech Focused
Clearline CapitalDeep Value
Climate Change CapitalSustainable/Green
Clinton GroupMulti-Strategy
Clive CapitalCommodities Focused
Clough Capital PartnersGrowth
Clovis Capital ManagementHedge
Coastal Investment ManagementValue
Coatue CapitalTMT Focused
Cobalt Capital ManagementValue
Collard Capital ManagementGlobal Macro
COMAC Capital LLPGlobal Macro
Conatus Capital ManagementLong/Short Global Equity
Connective Capital Management, LLCClean Tech Focused
Contrarian Capital ManagementDeep Value
Convexity Capital ManagementLong/Short Credit
Copia Capital LLCEnergy Focused
Corvex ManagementEvent-Driven
Cosyne Capital ManagementArbitrage
Covepoint Capital Advisors LLCGlobal Macro
CQS Management LimitedMulti-Strategy
CR Intrinsic InvestorsLong/Short Equity
Craigmillar LLCSustainable/Green
Criterion Capital Management, LLCTMT Focused
Crosslink CapitalTechnology Focused
CURA Capital ManagementFixed Income
Cyprium CapitalLong/Short Equity
Czech Asset ManagementHedge

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