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Arbitrage hedge funds and investors seek to exploit the pricing inefficiencies that sometimes exist between related securities and assets. Common strategies include equity arbitrage, distressed debt arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, risk arbitrage and event-driven arbitrage. Event-driven arbitrage or special situation investors focus their investment efforts on major corporate events like mergers, acquisitions or other catalytic changes. Some of the better known arbitrage and event-driven funds include Thomas Kempner's Davidson Kempner Capital Management, Barry S. Rosenstein and Gary Claar's JANA Partners, Daniel Gold's QVT Financial, and Philippe Jabre's Jabre Capital Partners.

Name Style
AM Investment Partners LLCArbitrage
Areion Asset Management CoEvent-Driven
Benros Capital Partners*Event-Driven
Black's Link Capital LtdEvent-Driven
BlueQuant Capital ManagementArbitrage
Brennus Asset ManagementConvertible Arbitrage
Burren Capital AdvisorsEvent-Driven
Carlson CapitalArbitrage
Chesapeake Partners ManagementEvent-Driven
Corvex ManagementEvent-Driven

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