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Deep Value styled hedge funds and institutional investors primarily invest in companies they believe are extremely undervalued by the marketplace. Deep Value investors commonly seek out companies with low price-to-earnings and low price-to-book values that have potential catalysts for value creation. Often labeled as contrarians, Deep Value hedge funds commonly have investment teams with deep sector expertise and some of these investors have been known to use shareholder activist techniques to push their value creating agendas. Some of the most well-known deep value investors include Kirk Kerkorian of Tracinda Corporation, Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners, Paul Singer of Elliott Management, Carl Icahn of Icahn Associates, Richard Blum of Blum Capital, and Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management.

Name Style
Apollo Capital ManagementDistressed
Appaloosa ManagementDistressed
Barington Capital GroupDeep Value
Blum Capital PartnersDeep Value
Bowery Investment Management, LLCDistressed
Branch Hill CapitalDeep Value
Breeden Capital ManagementDeep Value
Centaurus CapitalDeep Value
Chapman CapitalDeep Value
Clearline CapitalDeep Value

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