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Fixed Income styled hedge funds and institutional investors invest in a wide array of bonds and fixed income instruments, including corporate investment grade, corporate high yield, junk bonds, bank loans, mortgage-backed bonds, asset-backed bonds, convertibles, trust preferred bonds, CLOs, and CDOs, among others. Distressed Debt and stressed debt investors focus on the lower spectrum of bonds, which are commonly near bankruptcy or rated below CCC. Some of the best known fixed income investors include Bill Gross of PIMCO and Hugh Willis and Mark Poole of BlueBay Asset Management. Marc Lasry and Sonia Gardner's Avenue Capital Management is one of the better known distressed debt managers.

Name Style
5:15 Capital ManagementFixed Income
Archview InvestmentDistressed Debt
Avenue Capital GroupDistressed Debt
Axonic CapitalLong/Short Credit
Barnegat Fund ManagementLong/Short Credit
Bay Harbour ManagementDistressed Debt
Blue Rice Investment ManagementFixed Income
BlueBay Asset ManagementFixed Income
BlueMountain Capital ManagementLong/Short Credit
C12 Capital ManagementDistressed Debt

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