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Sustainable & Green focused hedge funds and institutional investors are increasing in importance as investor demand for environmentally friendly, clean technology, and socially responsible investment vehicles have increased. The investors in this section of the hedge fund directory have embraced the current trend of a greener economy with focuses ranging from clean-technology and carbon offsets, to water and timber. Sustainable investors also invest in traditional companies that are seeking to lower their environment impacts by reducing the waste, carbon and pollution that their businesses produce. Some major players in the space include Al Gore and David Blood's Generation Investment Management, Shaun Mays and James Cameron's Climate Change Capital, and Trillium Asset Management Corporation. Beyond the below green investor profiles, HedgeTracker also has a green and sustainable hedge fund news section.

Name Style
Auriel Capital ManagementGlobal Macro
Baldwin Brothers IncGrowth
Blue Marble Capital Partners LimitedHedge
Brennan Investment PartnersWater Focused
Clean Energy Asset Management LLCClean Tech Focused
Climate Change CapitalSustainable/Green
Connective Capital Management, LLCClean Tech Focused
Craigmillar LLCSustainable/Green
Earth Capital PartnersSustainable/Green
Generation Investment ManagementGARP

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