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Institutional Investor Background

OGI Capital Partners OGI Capital Partners is an Asia-focused alternative investment manager that was founded in March of 2009 by current President and CEO Hideyuki Fred Omokawa....

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Investor Regional and/or Country Focus: Asia, Global, Japan

Founders and Key Executives of OGI Capital Partners: Hideyuki Fred Omokawa; Naoya Takahashi; Allan Bedwick; Takashi Takematsu; Hideo Kawagita

Entities related to OGI Capital Partners: OGI Global Macro Fund; OGI Capital; OG Investment; OGI Holdings Co Ltd

*Denotes that the person or entity is no longer related to the firm.

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Allan Bedwick’s OGI Global to surpass $100 million

Date: September 12th, 2010
Having secured returns that bested other hedge funds worldwide, the OGI Global Macro Fund is predicted to double its assets this month, bringing the fund’s...

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