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500 Nyala Farm RoadTotal AUM ($MM):2,000
Westport, CT 06880Equity AUM ($MM):NA
United StatesInvestment Style:Commodities Focused
Phone: 203-221-6175 Orientation:Active
Investor Type:Hedge Fund Manager

Institutional Investor Background

Phibro LLC is an energy trading firm and hedge fund manager originally founded in 1914. The firm is run by famed energy trader Andrew Hall. Phibro was a subsidiary of Citigroup, until government oversight forced Citi to sell Phibro to Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: OXY) in October 2009. OXY is an international oil and gas exploration and production company. Phibro invests in commodities including oil, natural gas, metals, and agricultural products. The firm manages the Phibro Commodities Fund and Phibro Oil Fund. In 2010, Andrew Hall launched Astenback Capital Management to manage hedge funds for outside investors. Mr. Hall owns 80% of Astenbeck Capital, while Occidental owns 20%.

Founders and Key Executives of Phibro LLC: Andrew Hall

Entities related to Phibro LLC: Citigroup*; Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: OXY); Phibro Commodities Fund; Phibro Oil Fund; Astenbeck Capital Management

Relevant Firms***: Armajaro Asset Management; Astenbeck Capital Management; Astenbeck Capital Management

*Denotes that the person or entity is no longer related to the firm. **If you would like to submit investor updates, please click here. ***Relevant firms may include firms where founders previously worked, funds that were spun-off from the firm, funds that were seeded by the firm and/or unrelated firms that were founded by veterans of the fund. For specific details, please review the Investor Background sections for each firm of interest.

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