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399 Park AvenueTotal AUM ($MM):2,215
32nd FloorEquity AUM ($MM):2,215
New York, NY 10022Investment Style:Value
United StatesOrientation:Active
Phone: 212-714-3300 Investor Type:Hedge Fund Manager

Institutional Investor Background

Sachem Head Capital Management is a value-oriented hedge fund manager that was founded in 2013. The firm has been known to employ activist strategies.

Sachem Head Capital led by managing partner and portfolio manager Scott Ferguson. Prior to founding Sachem Head, Ferguson spent nine year’s working alongside Bill Ackman at Pershing Square Capital Management. Notably, he was Pershing Square’s first investment professional and partner.

Investor Regional and/or Country Focus: Global, North America

Founders and Key Executives of Sachem Head Capital Management: Scott Ferguson

Entities related to Sachem Head Capital Management: Sachem Head LP; Sachem Head Master; Sachem Head GP LLC; Sachem Head Capital

Relevant Firms***: Pershing Square Capital Management

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