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1414 2nd StreetTotal AUM ($MM):1,793
Santa Monica, CA 90401Equity AUM ($MM):NA
United StatesInvestment Style:Macro
Phone: 310-566-5560 Orientation:Active
Fax: 310-566-5561 Investor Type:Hedge Fund Manager

Institutional Investor Background

Universa Investments (Black Swan) is a hedge fund management firm with a specialty in hedging assets against extreme risks or 'black swans.' The firm was co-founded in January of 2007 by Chief Investment Officer Mark Spitznagel and Senior Scientific Advisor Nassim Taleb. Mr. Taleb is the author of the The Black Swan book, which details his acclaimed theory on the extreme unpredictability of very rare events.

Universa Investments emphasizes protection against these huge Black Swan risks rather than more common risk factors. Prior to writing the Black Swan, Nassim Taleb held a number of senior trading positions at Wall Street firms. Prior to co-founding Universa, Mr. Spitznagel worked as a derivatives trader for 16 years, including stints at Morgan Stanley and the Chicago Board of Trade.

The firm manages over ten Black Swan related funds, including the Universa Asymmetry Fund LP, and the Universa Asymmetry Master Fund. In June 2009, the firm launched the Black Swan Protection Protocol Inflation Fund to protect against what Nassim Taleb sees as inflation caused by government economic stimulus efforts around the world.

Investor Regional and/or Country Focus: Global

Founders and Key Executives of Universa Investments (Black Swan): Mark Spitznagel; Nassim Taleb

Entities related to Universa Investments (Black Swan): Black Swan Protection Protocol Inflation Fund; Universa Asymmetry Fund LP; Universa Asymmetry Master Fund; Black Swan Fund; Black Swan Hedge Fund

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