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Top London Hedge Funds

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Name Style Location
Algebris InvestmentsFinancials Focused London
Althea CapitalEmerging Markets London
Apson Capital Management*Long/Short Global Equity London
Armajaro Asset ManagementCommodities Focused London
Auriel Capital ManagementGlobal Macro London
Autonomy Capital ResearchGlobal Macro London
Avantium Investment ManagementGlobal Macro London
Aviva InvestorsValue London
Belay PartnersLong/Short Equity London
Benros Capital Partners*Event-Driven London
BlueBay Asset ManagementFixed Income London
BlueCrest Capital ManagementHedge London
BlueGold CapitalEnergy Focused London
BlueQuant Capital ManagementArbitrage London
Brennus Asset ManagementConvertible Arbitrage London
Brevan Howard Asset ManagementGlobal Macro London
Capula Investment ManagementFixed Income London
Cardwell Investment TechnologiesQuantitative London
Castle Hill Asset ManagementFixed Income London
Centaurus CapitalDeep Value London
Cheyne CapitalHedge London
Climate Change CapitalSustainable/Green London
Clive CapitalCommodities Focused London
COMAC Capital LLPGlobal Macro London
CQS Management LimitedMulti-Strategy London
Earth Capital PartnersSustainable/Green London
Eclectica Asset ManagementMulti-Strategy London
Egerton Capital LPLong/Short Equity London
Finisterre CapitalEmerging Markets London
Fortelus Capital ManagementDistressed Debt London
Frey Quantitative StrategiesQuantitative London
FRM Capital AdvisorsMulti-Strategy London
Galena Asset ManagementCommodities Focused London
Gartmore Investment ManagementMulti-Strategy London
Hazel Capital LLPClean Tech Focused London
Hermitage Capital ManagementDeep Value London
HIM CapitalFinancials Focused London
Horseman Capital ManagementLong/Short Equity London
Ivaldi CapitalMulti-Strategy London
James Caird Asset ManagementMulti-Strategy London
Lansdowne PartnersLong/Short Global Equity London
LMR Partners LLPQuantitative London
Man Group plcMulti-Strategy London
Marshall Wace Asset ManagementLong/Short Equity London
Matrix GroupMulti-strategy London
Northlight European Fundamental CreditFixed Income London
Occitan Capital PartnersArbitrage London
Odey Asset ManagementLong/Short Global Equity London
Olivant AdvisersFinancials Focused London
Paris Capital PartnersMulti-Strategy London
Polar CapitalMulti-Strategy London
Polygon Investment PartnersGrowth London
Principalis Asset ManagementGlobal Macro London
PVE Capital LLPFixed Income London
Querns Asset ManagersIncome Oxfordshire
RAB Capital plcLong/Short London
Red Kite ManagementCommodities Focused London
Ridley Park Capital*Long/Short Global Equity London
RWC PartnersMulti-Strategy London
Samena Capital ManagementDeep Value London
SemperMacro Capital LLP*Global Macro London
Skyline Capital ManagementLong/Short Global Equity London
SLJ Macro PartnersMacro London
Sothic Capital ManagementDistressed Debt London
Thames River CapitalLong/Short London
The Children's Investment Fund MgmtValue London
Theleme PartnersLong/Short Global Equity London
Tisbury Capital Management*Event-Driven London
ToscafundValue London
Trafalgar Capital ManagementMulti-Strategy London
Tyrus Capital SAMEvent-Driven London
Vector Commodity Management LLPCommodities Focused London
Warwick Capital PartnersEvent-Driven London
Winton Capital ManagementQuantitative London

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